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Cost: £1.00
Total Cost: £13.84

Kindle Total: 5
Book Total: 0

New reads: 4
Re-reads: 1

This was a Mills & Boon bought for £1 in the 12 days of Christmas kindle offer, and was a nice easy read, a very typical M&B story, although I got the feeling it was shorter than in a book format. That's hard to tell!
Cost: £4.27
Total Cost: £12.84

Kindle Total: 3
Book Total: 0

This was interesting, but took some reading! It was the true story of Henrietta Lacks, a black woman living in 1950's America, and how her cancerous cells became the first human cells to live and reproduce away from her body. Most of the scientific research done since then in terms of cures and understanding has been from her cells. An amazing book, somewhere between non fiction and fiction.
Cost: £4.08
Total Cost: £8.57

Kindle Total: 2
Book Total: 0

I think Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors. She is very funny (although I was less keen on the swearing that kept popping up in this book) and is like a historical Bridget Jones. I have been recommended Mary Balogh as a similar style, but not as funny and am looking forward to reading something by her. This book contained characters I have read about previously in Quinn's books, and she seems to do this quite often. I do like the continuation of the characters, but also find it hard to remember which books I've read and which I haven't! The main characters in this book were Sebastian Gray and Annabel Winslow.
Again, on audio cd. I chose this after listening to Fantastic Mr. Fox, thinking I'd not read it for ages and would really enjoy it, but actually wasn't so keen which was a bit of a let down. A break from Dahl for me for a bit I think!
In the car on audio CD again! This is one of Jonathan's favourites at the moment, but I'm getting a bit fed up of it now...
I read this one out loud to Jonathan and he loved it - and I loved reading it to him! I can't wait to start the next one.
This was a bit far fetched to start with, but after that it was good and I enjoyed it. I'm all Mills & Booned out now though I think!
This was another Mills & Boon baby book - this time about a pregnant women stuck in a snowstorm. Really enjoying this set of three books.
I enjoyed this Mills & Boon book about an abandoned baby, a very easy read.
I loved this book - a combination of one of my favourite authors and one of my favourite periods of time - fab!